Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (+Unlimited Money)

Race against hordes of zombies and upgrade your car for maximum destruction. With stunning graphics and thrilling gameplay, you won't be able to put this game down!
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Apr 27, 2023
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Hop in Your Car and Drive Away From the Zombie War with Zombie Hill Racing!

Are you ready to join the zombie war? No? Well, thank goodness for Zombie Hill Racing – Earn Climb! This racing game pits you against hordes of zombies as you drive your way to survival. Unlock cars, use nitro boosts to go faster, and upgrade your car for maximum destruction. It’s time to take on the undead and prove you have what it takes to survive.

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (+Unlimited Money)

The graphics in Zombie Hill Racing are top notch and will keep you invested in the game. You’ll find yourself immersed in a post-apocalyptic world that is full of danger around every corner. The levels are varied, from hills to barren wastelands, and each one presents different challenges. You’ll need quick reflexes and a steady hand if you want to make it out alive!

The controls are simple yet precise – just tap and drag at the right moments to weave between obstacles and zombies alike. When things get too hairy, use nitro boosts or speed up with power ups like coins or shields. You can also upgrade your car with coins collected throughout the levels so that it has more armor and can drive faster than ever before.

The best part about Zombie Hill Racing is that it’s incredibly addictive! Once you start playing, there’s no turning back – especially when you unlock new cars that have even more powerful weapons. There’s always something new waiting for you around every turn so get ready for an exciting adventure!

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Unlock the Game With Our Mod

Zombie Hill Racing is not just a game, it’s an experience! But unless you don’t feel like shelling out your hard earned cash for the Google Play Store version, then there’s no reason to worry! On our website, we provide Zombie Hill Racing Mod APK with cool features like unlimited gameplay, unlocked in-game purchases and completely removed ads. So if you want to enjoy Zombie Hill Racing to its full potential, all you have to do is download the modded version from our website and simply follow the provided instructions – it’s that simple!

Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK (+Unlimited Money)


So what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel of your car today and prepare to take on the zombie war like never before! With its thrilling gameplay, stunning graphics, and intuitive controls, Zombie Hill Racing – Earn Climb is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So hop in your car now and see how long you can last against wave after wave of attacking zombies! Good luck!

What's new

- New Stage 20 Space centre
- New vehicle Rocket fuel Truck
- New menu graphics


Version Size Requirements Date
2.2.8 207.87 MB 5.1 27/02/2023
2.2.2 207.48 MB 5.1 08/02/2023


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