Hi, my name is Charles and this is my personal blog about how users of various apps, mainly gaming apps, can save a lot of money by using a VPN trick.

It all started with one of my favourite games, Hill Climb Racing 2, where I’ve spent a lot of money on gems and over time I got tired of having to pay a lot of money to progress faster in this game and to become more unique among others.

However, there was a VPN app on my phone, which I signed up for security and privacy reasons, as I often have to use public Wi-Fi spots, and one day, completely forgetting that I was still connected to an Indian location with my VPN, I remembered my favourite game and decided to play a bit. Once again, I thought of buying some gems and noticed that I was seeing the prices in Indian rupees, but I was completely oblivious to what the rupees were and what their conversion value was in Euros, but very soon after shopping, I noticed that I had paid less than one Euro for the resources, which is unprecedented!

I was very curious whether this was a glitch in a game or whether I had just discovered an innocent cheat, so I quickly saved another game, this time it was Monopoly Go, It was a very popular game at the time and still connected to the Indian location with my VPN I go to the premium resource store and see that the Dicer Rolls and the Money are showing up in Indian Rupees again, only this time I used Google to check what the prices would be in Euros and what do you think? Well, the prices in India for the same amount of resources are almost 80% lower!

Well, it didn’t take me long to come up with this blog called Appladin.net, a domain with some implication that here, as a true Aladdin, I’m fulfilling the wishes of gamers and helping them to get premium resources in their favourite games at a spectacularly lower price than players from Europe or the United States pay.

I won’t hide the fact that I make a little bit of money from this activity, it’s not a huge amount, but as a hobby, I would say it’s worth it. My earnings come from affiliates because I get commission for bringing in new VPN users. Don’t judge me for this, because I’m not offering you junk, but a working, good VPN service, and I give you an immediate idea of which country to join and how much money you will save.

I hope this hobby doesn’t get boring and I’ll continue to share game reviews and price comparisons of premium resources and services between countries where gamers connected with a VPN can enjoy their favourite games without spending a fortune.

If you have any requests or suggestions, please contact me via the contact form and I will do my best to take your comments into account and hopefully make use of your suggestions.

Sincerely, Charles.