Good day! Today, let’s talk about how to save money on Monopoly GO, a game app that’s extremely popular today and has over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone.

How to Hack Monopoly Go with VPN

Prices of Dice Rolls and Money in USA

In Monopoly GO, there are two types of premium resources that we need to achieve faster results, namely Rolls and Money.

Dice Rolls

As you can see from this screenshot, prices for Dice Rolls start at $1.99 for 30 rolls and go up to $99.99 for 3,200 rolls, which is the price quoted for players in the United States of America. I have attached a table of Rolls prices for USA players.

Amount of RollsPrice in USD
30 🎲$1.99
80 🎲$4.99
180 🎲$9.99
425 🎲$19.99
1,400 🎲$49.99
3,200 🎲$99.99

It’s not cheap, is it? Sure, if it’s your first purchase, you’ll get up to an extra 15,000 rolls, but in the future, if you want to buy more dice rolls, your wallet could get very thin, so read on to find out how you can save a lot of money with a VPN travel hack.


These premium resources cost the same as dice rolls and the bonuses for the first purchase are the same, for example if you buy the most expensive option, i.e. 640,000 money for $99.99, you can get up to 110% more money.

Amount of MoneyPrice in USD
6,000 πŸ’°$1.99
16,000 πŸ’°$4.99
36,000 πŸ’°$9.99
85,000 πŸ’°$19.99
270,000 πŸ’°$49.99
640,000 πŸ’°$99.99

Money prices are the same as for dice rolls, but don’t expect to get an extra bonus on your first purchase. The cheapest option is $1.99 for 6k money and the most expensive option is $99.99 for 640k money. Again, it’s not cheap and not every player can afford it… Read on to learn how we can save a lot of money on all these resources.

Prices of Dice Rolls and Money in India

We already know the cost of dice rolls and money for American players, now let’s look at how much the same premium resources cost for Monopoly GO players in India.

Dice Rolls

From this picture, you will probably find it difficult to understand what these prices mean and how much they would be in US dollars. Let me help you by attaching a table with the real daily rate from Indian Rupee to US Dollar.

Amount of RollsPrice in RupeePrice in USD
30 πŸŽ²β‚Ή19.00
US Dollar$0.23
80 πŸŽ²β‚Ή49.00
US Dollar$0.59
180 πŸŽ²β‚Ή99.00
US Dollar$1.19
425 πŸŽ²β‚Ή199.00
US Dollar$2.39
1,400 πŸŽ²β‚Ή499.00
US Dollar$5.98
3,200 πŸŽ²β‚Ή990.00
US Dollar$11.87

So how do you like the price differences? The most expensive option for 3.2k dice rolls can be bought in India for 990 rupees, which would be equivalent to less than 12$ today. And then there is the additional bonus of 15k dice rolls for the first purchase. So if you want to use my VPN travel hack to get up to 18k dice rolls and save over 80%, read on.


Money prices in India are no different from dice rolls, and again you can save much more than $85 USD by buying the most expensive 640k money option for 990 Indian rupees.

Amount of MoneyPrice in RupeePrice in USD
6,000 πŸ’°β‚Ή19.00
US Dollar$0.23
16,000 πŸ’°β‚Ή49.00
US Dollar$0.59
36,000 πŸ’°β‚Ή99.00
US Dollar$1.19
85,000 πŸ’°β‚Ή199.00
US Dollar$2.39
270,000 πŸ’°β‚Ή499.00
US Dollar$5.98
640,000 πŸ’°β‚Ή990.00
US Dollar$11.87

The price differences are so obvious, so I wouldn’t understand if you’re still hesitant about the benefits of a VPN travel hack. On to the next paragraph, where I’ll explain which VPN to use, how to use it and how quickly you can enjoy Monopoly GO and all these resources at ridiculous prices.

How to use the VPN Travel Hack

The main topic of this article is the VPN travel hack, this is the most important part you need to read. A VPN is something that can change the location of your phone or tablet to a completely different one, it’s like a teleporter that takes your device to any country in the world.

However, just having a VPN app is not enough to use this trick, I spent a lot of time checking many countries and comparing their prices for dice rolls and money with American and European prices.

So my main job of discovering the cheapest country is already done, now I just need to show you which VPN app I’ve used to help you with this trick. Only with this VPN app will it work, with which I managed not only to see the prices in rupees, but also to test the purchase. Everything went smoothly, without any glitches.

I have attached a link to the VPN app:

I hope this Monopoly GO VPN travel hack will help you save a lot of money and enjoy the game like you never have before. If you have any questions, I’m always happy to answer them in the comments section and will do my best to answer them all. Good luck with the game and see you next time!