Looking for how to get cheaper My Singing Monsters in-game resources such as Diamonds, Coins, Food or Keys? Then you’ve come to the right website, because here you’ll learn a pretty simple My Singing Monsters VPN trick and save loads of money on these in-game currencies.

In this article, I’ll show you which specific country has the cheapest My Singing Monsters resources, I’ll add screenshots of the prices, and I’ll give you a table where you can see that country’s currency exchange rate against the USD.

And if you don’t have this amazing game on your phone yet, then I urge you to give it a try, it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play platforms.

How to use VPN and hack My Singing Monsters

Let’s move on to the next paragraph, where I’ll start the price comparison of diamonds.


In My Singing Monsters, Diamonds, also known as gems, serve as the premium currency with widespread applications, acting as a rare yet valuable resource enabling players to expedite gameplay elements, upgrade essential structures, and maximize production through Diamond Farming techniques.

Diamond prices in United States

Amount of DiamondsPrice in USD

Diamond prices in Thailand

Amount of DiamondPrice in THBPrice in USD
105šŸ’ŽTHB 19.00
US Dollar$0.52
220šŸ’ŽTHB 39.00
US Dollar$1.06
560šŸ’ŽTHB 99.00
US Dollar$2.69
1,200šŸ’ŽTHB 199.00
US Dollar$5.42
3,000šŸ’ŽTHB 399.00
US Dollar$10.86


Coins in My Singing Monsters serve a myriad of functions, including purchasing monsters, islands, structures, decorations, costumes, and facilitating various activities such as upgrading, feeding, and training monsters across different islands.

Coin prices in United States

Amount of CoinsPrice in USD

Coin prices in Thailand

Amount of CoinsPrice in THBPrice in USD
3MšŸ’°THB 19.00
US Dollar$0.52
7MšŸ’°THB 39.00
US Dollar$1.06
20MšŸ’°THB 99.00
US Dollar$2.69
40MšŸ’°THB 199.00
US Dollar$5.42
102,5MšŸ’°THB 399.00
US Dollar$10.86

Monster Food

The exclusive purpose of food is to enhance the level of Monsters.

Monster Food Prices in United States

Amount of Monster FoodPrice in USD

Monster Food Prices in Thailand

Amount of Monster FoodPrice in THBPrice in USD
118,4KšŸ²THB 19.00
US Dollar$0.52
240KšŸ²THB 39.00
US Dollar$1.06
616KšŸ²THB 99.00
US Dollar$2.69
1,36MšŸ²THB 199.00
US Dollar$5.42
2,99MšŸ²THB 399.00
US Dollar$10.86


Dipsters are acquired through the use of keys, with a maximum limit of 10 Dipsters per type allowed for purchase on each island.

Key prices in United States

Amount of KeysPrice in USD

Key prices in Thailand

Amount of KeysPrice in THBPrice in USD
1šŸ—ļøTHB 19.00
US Dollar$0.52
5šŸ—ļøTHB 69.00
US Dollar$1.88


Now that you can see how obvious the price difference is between premium resources in the USA and Thailand, it’s time to explain how you could get them for the same prices as the Thais.

The whole point of this My Singing Monsters trick is to change the location of your device, which is easy to do with VPN apps, but there’s a catch! Most free VPN providers don’t provide a seamless device relocation experience, in other words, the My Singing Monsters app will see your real location anyway. Therefore, I will share with you the VPN app that I used to make this price comparison, I’ve attached the link below.

As of this writing, this My Singing Monsters VPN glitch was not a violation of the in-game rules, but I recommend that you always check the in-game rules before using this hack. Or plan a trip to Thailand, then I’m sure no rules will be broken šŸ˜€


If we compare the prices of diamonds, coins, treats and keys, we can clearly see that the differences are very large, around 80%. However, as I mention in my other articles, such as AFK Arena or Hungry Shark World, this is a perfectly normal practice and it is not worth getting angry with the game developers, because the pricing is based on the economic situation of each country.

I’m not encouraging you to cheat on My Singing Monsters with this article, it’s just that if you’ve already found your way here somehow you’re probably finding it too expensive to play the game and use the premium resources, so I’m just helping you to continue to enjoy the game and save some money, and the developers are going to be making a lot of money anyway so I think it’s a win-win situation for everyone here.

I hope you will share this article on social networks with your friends, it would be a huge appreciation for me. That’s it for now, don’t forget that you can use the comments section, if you have any questions, it would be a great honour to help you. Goodbye!