IMVU Credits are a premium in-game resource that allows you to change your character’s appearance in any way you want by purchasing the most fashionable tops, bottoms, shoes or accessories. Unfortunately, the cost of credits ranges from $0.99 per 1,000 credits to $84.99 per 100,000 credits, which is pretty pricey. However, the price differs worldwide, which means that you may see cheaper prices by changing your location. “For example, in India, IMVU Credits cost only around $0.11 for 1000 credits to $10.73 for 100k credits.

So, how can you get the cheapest possible credits price anywhere? The solution is a reliable VPN, which allows people worldwide to enjoy the popular game app while obtaining the most affordable credits.

Not only can a VPN change your device location (IP address), but it can also enhance your security. Read on to learn more about getting cheaper IMVU Credits in 2024 with a VPN.

How to get an IMVU credits discount with a VPN

  1. Sign up for a reputable VPNI recommend NordVPN
  2. Download the VPN app and install it on your device
  3. Connect to a server in India where IMVU Credit prices are extremely low
  4. Open the IMVU app and go to the credit shop
  5. Enjoy cheap credits!

How a VPN can help you get a cheaper IMVU Credits

A reliable VPN can change your device location to one that is suitable for obtaining the cheapest credits in IMVU.

Even though IMVU is available worldwide, the pricing for credits varies significantly across nations. For instance, 50,000 credits for US players cost $44.99, but the same amount in India costs just $6.01 (at the time of writing this article).

That is where a reliable VPN steps in. It can change your device’s IP address to a location suitable for obtaining the cheapest IMVU credits. So, when you enter an IMVU credit store, the app will recognize your spoofed location and display rates in the local currency, which is cheaper, especially in the case of India.

Avoid attempting this with just any VPN, as IMVU employs sophisticated geo-blocks that can quickly detect such attempts.

To bypass this technology, you require a reliable VPN equipped with the specifications and features necessary to outsmart geo-blocks. Only premium providers possess the essential servers, speed, and security to effectively accomplish this task. Therefore, choose wisely to ensure the best credit prices are secured.

Seems like too much effort? No need to worry; we’ve conducted all the research for you and have a VPN that consistently bypasses geo-blocks.

IMVU Credits prices in India

IMVU Credits in India have the lowest prices, ranging from 9 INR to 890 INR, approximately $0.11 per 1000 credits to $10.72 per 100,000 credits. If you’re considering IMVU upgrades, it will cost you from 49 INR, or $0.59 per month for VIP GOLD, 89 INR, or $1.07 per month for VIP PLATINUM, to 179 INR, or $2.16 per month for VIP DIAMOND. These upgrade plans cover various monthly bonuses, including free credits ranging from 1,000 to 5,400 per month.

Here is a list of IMVU credit prices in India and a comparison of how these prices differ from the cost of IMVU Credits in the US:

Amount of CreditsPrice in IndiaPrices converted to USD
1,000πŸ’°INR 9.00
US Dollar$0.11
2,000πŸ’°INR 19.00
US Dollar$0.23
5,000πŸ’°INR 49.00
US Dollar$0.59
10,000πŸ’°INR 99.00
US Dollar$1.19
20,000πŸ’°INR 199.00
US Dollar$2.39
30,000πŸ’°INR 299.00
US Dollar$3.58
50,000πŸ’°INR 499.00
US Dollar$5.98
100,000πŸ’°INR 890.00
US Dollar$10.67
*Additional charges may be incurred for currency conversion when making purchases from a different country.

If you find yourself in a country where IMVU Credits are expensive, consider using a VPN to change your online location, enabling you to access more affordable rates.

IMVU Upgrades prices in India

Because of varying fees worldwide, it’s challenging to determine which country can provide the most cost-effective IMVU upgrade plan. Below, you can explore the prices of IMVU upgrades in India and understand how it offers a budget-friendly option:

UpgradesPrice in IndiaPrices converted to USD
VIP GOLDINR 49.00/month
US Dollar$0.59
US Dollar$1.07
VIP DIAMONDINR 179.00/month
US Dollar$2.15

Players in the US and Europe have to pay the highest amounts for IMVU Upgrades. Simply changing your IP to one located in India can save you around 80%.

Are IMVU Credits and Upgrades worth it?

IMVU Credits offer a host of benefits that make them worth considering. With Credits, you can customize your character by dressing them up in the most exquisite outfits to make them stand out from the rest.

Additionally, IMVU upgrades include Host Shields, Voice Broadcasting, exclusive gifts, and free monthly credits, making it a viable option for those seeking both credits and additional bonuses.

With these advantages, IMVU offers a comprehensive package for players looking to maximize their enjoyment of the game and its premium features.

The last word

Let’s take a final look at the key points. Utilizing a VPN is the optimal way to secure a discount on IMVU credits.

Advanced VPNs, such as NordVPN, are essential if you wish to spoof your IP address to view different prices. It’s the only secure method to change your online location and unlock more affordable IMVU credits and upgrades.

In addition to saving money on in-game resources, VPNs also enhance your security. Your traffic will be shielded, and your data will be fully encrypted.


Can you buy cheaper IMVU Credits with a VPN?

Certainly, you can utilize a VPN to acquire more affordable credits or subscribe to monthly upgrades. It can indeed result in cost savings. This is due to the fact that IMVU credits and upgrade prices vary globally. Employ a VPN to spoof your IP address, and you’ll secure the most economical rate available.

Is it legal to buy IMVU credits or upgrades with VPN?

Certainly, VPN usage is legal in almost all countries. While some nations, such as Russia and China, impose restrictions on VPNs, you are generally free to purchase IMVU premium features using a VPN in most locations.

How much is IMVU credits and upgrades in India?

In India, IMVU credits cost: from Rs. 9 for 1,000 credits to Rs. 890 for 100,000 credits, and IMVU upgrades cost: from Rs. 49 per month for VIP GOLD to Rs. 179 per month for VIP DIAMOND.