Hi again, today I’m going to explain how to save money by playing Hungry Shark World. Once again, we’ll be using a VPN app to help us change the location of our phone to one of the lowest prices for in-game resources set by the developers of Hungry Shark World. Ready? Let’s get started.

I don’t really like to expand on the game itself, I’m not a professional geek who describes them, but I find that in order to please the google search engine, you have to do a little bit of work on the game description.

In Hungry Shark World which can be download from App Store or Google Play, you control a shark and your goal is to make sure that it never goes hungry and grows as fast as possible. There are many types of sharks in the game, but to progress as quickly as possible you will need to use the game’s resources, which are not free. For example, Zombie Shark can be purchased for 170 gems, to do that you would need to buy a 230 gems pack for almost 10 dollars, and if you continue reading my Hungry Shark World VPN hack guide, you will be able to buy this gems pack for 80-90% less.

First, let’s take a look at the prices of Hungry Shark World coins and gems, and then I’ll show you which VPN app you can use and which country you can connect to in order to get these resources for a ridiculously low price.

Price in USA


Amount of CoinsPrice in USD


Amount of GemsPrice in USD

Price in Kazakhstan


Amount of CoinsPrice in TengePrice in USD
US Dollar$0.53
US Dollar$1.07
US Dollar$2.14
US Dollar$5.35
US Dollar$10.69


Amount of GemsPrice in TengePrice in USD
US Dollar$0.53
US Dollar$1.07
US Dollar$2.14
US Dollar$5.35
US Dollar$10.69

How to Use VPN?

Now you know the price differences and you are wondering how you could buy these almost free gems or coins at the same prices as Kazakhstani players? For the moment, it won’t be difficult, but I don’t promise that Hungry Shark Evolution won’t do some kind of update and either equalize the prices or no longer allow this cheat.

First click on this button:

Download this particular VPN app and connect to the Kazakhstani server, it’s not rocket science so I think you’ll be able to do it easily. Once you are connected to the Kazkahstan server via VPN, open Hungry Shark World and go to the in-game resource store where you should immediately see the prices in Kazakhstani tenge currency, which should be the same as in my screenshots.

That’s it, now you can enjoy this Hungry Shark World hack and share it with your friends.


If this Hungry Shark World VPN cheat has helped you save a lot of money and you’d be curious to try out more VPN games, then I’d recommend Stealth Master, which I’ve already covered, or one of my current favourites – Monopoly Go. I hope you enjoyed my discovery today about Hungry Shark World’s resource prices, but if you still have any problems using the VPN or buying gems or coins, be sure to describe your problem in the comments and I’ll try to check it out as soon as I can, and provide a solution if possible.

See you in my next article.