Now I’m going to tell you how you can buy AFK Arena premium resources (Diamonds) very cheaply for several times less than what Europeans or players in the United States pay. I’m just going to show you a way to take advantage of the AFK Arena glitch by using a VPN on your device.

This method does not violate the AFK Arena rules at the moment, but you should always check if the rules have been updated and this AFK Arena hacking trick is not banned before using it.

If you haven’t played AFK Arena yet, you can download this RPG-type game for both iOS and Android, and to use this AFK Arena VPN trick, you’ll need an additional app, but I’ll tell you where to get it at the bottom of the article, and now let’s read on, where I’ll explain which AFK Arena hack I’m talking about, and how it will help us save a lot of money.

Diamond prices in USD

First of all, let’s take a look at the prices in USD, AFK Arena players in Europe or other more developed countries pay very similar prices for these diamonds.

Amount of DiamondsPrice in USD

AFK Arena diamonds are priced between $4.99 and $99.99, as in most games. That’s not cheap, but I’m sure a lot of you reading this right now are looking for a way to save another dollar. Well, I can cheer you up – you will save more.

Diamond prices in Peruvian sol

Peruvian sol – This is the local currency of Peru, and it is in this country that AFK Arena players enjoy particularly cheap Diamonds. Now I’ll show you the prices and attach a table where you can clearly see how much these resources would cost you if you used my AFK Arena VPN trick to “travel” to Peru.

Amount of DiamondPrice in SolesPrice in USD
300💎S/ 1.90
US Dollar$0.5
680💎S/ 3.90
US Dollar$1.03
1,280💎S/ 7.90
US Dollar$2.08
1,980💎S/ 10.90
US Dollar$2.87
3,280💎S/ 18.90
US Dollar$4.97
6,480💎S/ 37.90
US Dollar$9.97

So how do you like the price difference? It’s almost 10x cheaper to play AFK Arena in Peru than in the United States. And you don’t need to travel to Peru at all (unless you’re planning to 🙂 ), just use the VPN service I recommend and you’ll be enjoying diamonds at these prices.

VPN Usage

As you may have realised from the beginning, this article is all about how you can save a lot of money by using a VPN app and changing the location of your device to where the AFK Arena diamonds are cheapest. Below is a link to the VPN app I used to find the exact location where these diamonds are among the cheapest.


As we are nearing the end of this article, I would just like to share with them some information on why the price differences are so obvious. First of all, AFK Arena is using the same marketing strategy as most other game developers, it’s just that there are some places on this earth where people cannot afford certain things because of the economic capacity of their country, but they are also given the opportunity to play games the same way as the rest of us, but with a different pricing.

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That’s it, share this tip with your friends and I’ll see you in my next article.