A new day, a new trick to save money! Today I’m going to share with you a Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja VPN glitch that will help you save money when buying in-game currency (which in my opinion is not expensive anyway). To start with, the game is available for download and play on both Android and iOS phones, and the trick I’m proposing is available for players of both operating systems.

The game has two currencies, tokens and gems, and a Premium subscription which removes the really annoying ads. Prices range from 99c for 100 tokens to $9.99 for 1,000 gems, and Premium membership, which has two options, $4.99 for a 7-day membership and $15.99 for unlimited membership. Well, I would say the prices are really adequate, but I know that there are plenty of players who might find these prices too high and would like to save money if they can.

Nowadays, saving money on games like Stealth Master is easy, and we’ll use the VPN app I’ll share with you at the bottom of this guide. In case you haven’t heard anything about VPNs, this service offers you the possibility to change the location of your phone to another location, which means that we have the possibility to connect to, say, India and see the prices of the resources that are tailored to the players of that country. However, today we are not going to talk about India, but about a completely different country, where I have found these resources at unrealistically low prices.

Prices in USD

Premium Subscription

Premium SubscriptionPrice in USD


Amount of TokensPrice in USD


Amount of GemsPrice in USD

Prices in KZT

Kazakhstani tenge is the local currency of Kazakhstan, why did I choose this currency? Because after checking several countries, when I connected to Kazakhstani with a VPN, the resources in Stealth Master were the lowest priced.

Premium Subscription

Premium SubscriptionPrice in TengePrice in USD
US Dollar$0.53
US Dollar$1.71


Amount of TokensPrice in TengePrice in USD
US Dollar$0.1
US Dollar$0.21
US Dollar$0.43


Amount of GemsPrice in TengePrice in USD
US Dollar$0.21
US Dollar$0.53
US Dollar$1.07


Here we have finished the price comparisons for Tokens, Gems and Premium subscriptions between the United States and Kazakhstan, the difference between the two is obvious, it is almost 10x cheaper to buy Stealth Master resources in Kazakhstan.

Now the question for you is, how would you buy these resources for Kazakhstani currency? Well, simply, you don’t even need to have this currency in your account, at the time of purchase, everything will be converted automatically, it’s important that your Android or iOS device is connected to the Kazakhstani location at the time, using a VPN, I’ve attached the link:

I hope you enjoyed this clever and above all legal way to buy Stealth Master resources at a more affordable price, from now on you won’t have to look for any Stealth Master mods, cheats or hacks anymore, just use a VPN, which will not only help you to save money on your resource purchases, but also to protect your device from the dangers of surfing the web.

Don’t forget to check out my website Appladin.net to read about other games, where I’ve also discovered more countries where resources for games like Monopoly Go are significantly cheaper.

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