Welcome to my next article on VPN tricks, this time I’m going to tell you how to save a lot of money on coins in Lily’s Garden. When I checked the difference in coin prices between the United States and India, I saw once again how much we are overpaying the developers of this game for the game resources.

But as always, I’ll give you price comparisons and of course I’ll share with you a VPN service that will allow you to change the region of your device from whatever it is to one (India) where Lily’s Garden coins are about 80% cheaper.

So let’s dive into the price comparisons and “hack” the system by taking advantage of the opportunity to buy coins at a more affordable price.

Coin Price in USD

Amount of CoinsPrice in USD
1,000 💰$0.99
5,500 💰$4.99
12,000 💰$9.99
25,000 💰$19.99
53,000 💰$39.99
110,000 💰$74.99

As you can see from this table, the coins range in price from $1 per thousand coins to $74.99 for more than 100,000 coins. The prices are similar to many mobile games, it’s hard to say how much you can do with these coins, but I’m not going to go into too much detail about the uses of these coins, my job is to find the most attractive option for you to buy them.

Since we already know how much Lily’s Garden players in the USA pay for these resources (I think Europeans pay similarly), let’s jump to the next paragraph and take a look at how much Indians pay for the same amount of coins.

Coin Price in INR

Amount of CoinsPrice in RupeePrice in USD
1,000 💰₹9.00
US Dollar$0.11
5,500 💰₹49.00
US Dollar$0.59
12,000 💰₹99.00
US Dollar$1.19
25,000 💰₹199.00
US Dollar$2.39
53,000 💰₹399.00
US Dollar$4.78
110,000 💰₹790.00
US Dollar$9.47

We now have a very clear picture of just how big the price difference is. In this table, I’ve used a wordpress plugin that provides real-time exchange rates between INR (Indian Rupee) and USD, so you can easily calculate how much money you would save if you were in India right now and you were to open the Lily’s Garden coin shop.

That’s the reality, the richer pay more, and where people are struggling to make ends meet, the pricing is different. But that doesn’t mean we’re all rich and can afford to pay what the developers want for in-game resources, so let’s read on where I’ll share with you how to use VPNs and save money on these coins.

VPN Trick

By now you’re probably looking forward to using that magical VPN to buy Lily’s Garden coins at Indian prices 🙂

It’s not a miracle, there are thousands of app developers offering VPN services these days, but there is a difference. Below I’ve added a button that will take you to the VPN service I use to discover the difference in prices for in-game resources in games like Lily’s Garden.

I won’t be able to elaborate on the differences because I’m not a programmer, but when I found out that game developers have different pricing for game resources by country, I started testing games with free VPN apps, but I kept seeing prices in USD, no matter which country I chose.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, I decided to try a paid VPN app and it worked – I started to see the prices of the country I was connected to. So the moral is that sometimes it’s worth investing in quality apps to get quality service.

For now, I wish you to have fun playing the game, make Lily’s garden the garden you have always dreamed of, and don’t waste your coins, no matter how cheaply you bought them. Bye!