Today I’m comparing the prices of ZEPETO’s in-game resources and, as always, I’ve managed to find the countries where players can enjoy significantly cheaper zem and coin. But let’s start with more or less standard prices, I consider the standard prices to be in US dollars (I know Europeans pay even more), after all ZEPETO is the most popular game there, and dollars are more common in the world anyway.

Prices in USD

We will look at the ZEM, Coin and Avatar Slot prices in USD. If you don’t mind, it would be nice if you could share your country’s prices in the comments, as I think it would be relevant information for many players.


ZEM price in USD
Amount of ZEMPrice in USD
14 💎$0.99
29 💎$1.99
60 💎$3.99
125 💎$7.99
196 💎$11.99
770 💎$44.99


Coin price in USD
Amount of CoinPrice in USD
4,680 💰$0.99
10,200 💰$1.99
21,000 💰$3.99
38,900 💰$6.99
62,800 💰$10.99
234,000 💰$40.99


Avatar Slot price in USD
Avatar SlotPrice in USD
2nd Avatar Slot$1.99

Prices in Rupee

And now I’m going to shock you a bit, because the difference in Coin and Zem prices between American and Indian players is significant. I understand that these are completely different countries, both culturally and in terms of standard of living, and most app developers use different marketing for different countries, but the price difference you will see is something unreal.


ZEM Price in Rupee
Amount of ZEMPrice in RupeePrice in USD
14 💎₹9.00
US Dollar$0.11
29 💎₹19.00
US Dollar$0.23
60 💎₹39.00
US Dollar$0.47
125 💎₹79.00
US Dollar$0.95
196 💎₹199.00
US Dollar$2.39
770 💎₹499.00
US Dollar$5.99


Coin Price in Rupee
Amount of CoinPrice in RupeePrice in USD
4,680 💰₹9.00
US Dollar$0.11
10,200 💰₹19.00
US Dollar$0.23
21,000 💰₹39.00
US Dollar$0.47
38,900 💰₹69.00
US Dollar$0.83
62,800 💰₹99.00
US Dollar$1.19
234,000 💰₹399.00
US Dollar$4.79


Avatar Slot Price in Rupee
Avatar SlotPrice in RupeePrice in USD
2nd Avatar Slot₹19.00
US Dollar$0.23

VPN Travel Hack

You have probably come to this paragraph already familiar with the price differences between the US dollar and the Indian rupee for zem, coin and avatar slots, and you are wondering whether it is possible to buy these resources even if you are not currently in India ? Of course you can!

I discovered these prices in India by using a VPN service, but you have to understand that most of the developers of the game, including ZEPETO, have protections in their application that allow the player to see the currency of his country anyway, even if he uses a VPN. Therefore, in order to be able to see the prices in Rupee, you will need a really good and trustworthy VPN service, which isn’t free, but when you consider the cost of the money saved, I think it’s worth it.

The link to the VPN I used is below:


In summary, the pricing of in-game resources in ZEPETO is neither good nor bad. Most game developers use exactly the same tactics to apply different pricing to different countries, depending on the standard of living of that country. But ZEPETO is a freemium game and it does not require you to buy anything, we always have the choice of whether we want to and can buy or whether we are satisfied with what the game provides for free.

Well, if you used my VPN trick and bought ZEM or coin for a lower price, then please share your experience how easy it was or if something didn’t work out, then also leave a comment at the bottom and I’ll try to help you.